A dozen years of digital, brand, and marketing projects. Edmonton born and built.

The OverhaulMedia Boardroom

We are a design agency in Edmonton that helps business redefine the way they connect with their customers. Our services range from creative direction, design & development, to marketing and communications. The aim is simple: deliver original ideas, push the boundaries of technology, and contribute work that matters.

From the original concept to the finished product, we work with clients large and small to reinforce their core brand value and define their distinct voice in the market. Our aim is to help businesses see design as a competitive advantage; helping brands move beyond conventional marketing activities to deliver messages and ideas that elevate the customer experience.

Founded in 2006, Overhaul has built a client list that includes Beljan Development, Naked & Famous Denim, HAVEN, CBC, City of Edmonton, Government of Alberta, Epic Investment Services and more.

Selected Clients

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
Naked and Famous
Katz Group
City of Edmonton
Province of Alberta

Our Values

Good design.

Our community and the ability to give back.

Collaborative attitude.

Embracing change.




Meet the Team

Hired guns don't have all the tools. Big shops move too slow. We meet you in the middle.

We’re Agile. We’re smaller, but experience tells us that’s a good thing. Our team has decades of experience across multiple disciplines.

A rock with some barnacles
Matt Janzen, after a haircut
Matt Janzen before mugshot

Mathew Janzen


The ocean near tofino
Roman after a haircut
Roman before a haircut

Roman Hermens


A parking lot at Elk Island Park
Peter after a haircut
Peter before a haircut

Peter Elima


The Edmonton river valley
Jeff after a haircut
Jeff before a haircut

Jeff Gordon


Music studio
Erik after a haircut
Erik before a haircut

Erik Halabi

Frontend Developer

Music studio
Matt after a haircut
Matt before a haircut

Matt Gaudet

Project Manager

Areas of Expertise

Lifestyle, fashion, and beauty.

We’ve got extensive experience with DTC and traditional retail for lifestyle, fashion and beauty products. Even some that made the switch along the way.

  • Haven
    Haven Menswear Canada
  • Helm
    Helm Menswear
  • Goldsquare
    goldsquare vision
  • Fancii
    fancii website
  • Healthy Bedroom
    healthy bedrooom website
  • Orijen
    Orijen image
  • SOHO Hair
    soho hair salon
  • Publish Brand
    Publish brand website
  • Naked and Famous
    naked and famous demin

Food, drink, and hospitality.

Often working alongside interior designers, architects, and owners, we help shape place and create a unique experience through various forms of design.

  • Uptop
    Uptop branding
  • Farrow
    farrow sandwiches
  • Three Boars
    three boars eatery
  • HighDough
    Highdough pizza
  • Press’d
    pressd sandwiches
  • North 53
    north 53 cocktail place
  • Wishbone
    wishbone restaurent
  • Baiju
    Baiju restaurent
  • Malt and Mortar
    malt and mortar pub

Commercial real estate (CRE), property and asset management.

Creating desire, adding value, placemaking for meaningful relationships with the built environment.

  • Canada ICI
    canada ici
  • Epic Investment Services
    epic investments corporation
  • HSBC Place
    hsbc place edmonton
  • Currents of Windermere
    currents of wondermere
  • Beljan
    beljan developments company
  • Hyphen Group
    hyphen development group
  • 103 Street Center
    103 street center
  • North District
    north district edmonton
  • DOSC
    dosc pub and club

Arts, culture, and media.

As creatives we feel it’s important to support the arts and culture. Helping artists, storytellers tell their story and express themselves in a new way.

  • Theater Network
    theater network edmonton
  • Georgie Magazine
    georgie magazine
  • Human Odyssey
    the human odyssey
  • Handful of Films
    handful of films

Politics, advertising and PR

Wether its a site for a national campaign about STD’s, forests in Alberta or our beloved Edmonton’s annual budget. We’ve worked in politics, arms length government orgnaizations.

  • Love AB Forests VR Tour
    love alberta forests virtual reality tour
  • YEG City Budget
    the edmonton city budget
  • Report to the City
    a report for hte city of edmonton
  • Invest Alberta Corporation
    invest alberta corporation
  • Alberta Forest Products Association
    albert forestry products association
  • City of Leduc
    the city of leduc

Professional, healthcare and medical

Old school professions are rapidly evolving in practice. We’re well equipt to help navigate though that transition into today’s modern world. Be it technically, strategically or visually.

  • Cure MD
    cure md
  • SMP
    swainson mikki plesket law offices
  • Mettra Pharmacy
    mettra pharmacy edmonton
  • Pure Aligners
    pure aligners
  • Hello Dental
    hello dental office


Every business decision is a brand opportunity.

Branding doesn't stop with a visual identity or advertising campaign. Every aspect of your company is an opportunity to make your business better for your customers. With that in mind, we've built a team that lets us contribute wherever we can make the biggest impact.

Our Core Abilities:

  • Naming
  • Strategy
  • Concept Development
  • Visual Identity
  • Creative & Art Direction
  • Print
  • Packaging
  • Content
  • Advertising
  • Environment
  • Signage
  • Digital
  • eCommerce
  • Photography
  • Motion
  • Video
  • Writing

Have a specific need?Ask us if we’re a good fit.

Our Approach

The work varies. The process stays the same.

Overhaul is a studio formed to do one thing: help companies transform the way they connect with people. In other words, we build brands that make your business better. Theres no tricks or gimmicks to what we do. Each project we take on is different, but our process remains the same. We simply work with good people, pay attention to details, and put in the time to make work that moves the needle. Sound like what you need? Start the conversation.

Start with the right approach. Finish with the right attitude.

We balk at the idea of the expert or the guru. Creativity isnt complex. For us good work comes from sticking to a structure that allows for thinking differently and breaking through assumptions. That approach, paired with attention and effort means we can tackle almost any problem. The last ingredient is culture. Good work becomes great when people show up, check their egos at the door, and work together as a team. Its why weve invested in people who approach their work with an attitude of openness, flexibility, and enthusiasm. This goes for clients too - if were not a good culture fit, were not going to be a fit in general.