Talent wins games,
but teamwork
wins championships - Michael Jordan

We do good work for good people.

Overhaul is an award winning studio. We’re independent and privately owned. We strive to produce great design, push the boundaries of technology and have fun doing it. We’re small and we like it that way. It gives us the ability to focus on projects and individual client’s needs. The studio is a group of creative individuals; Developers and Designers making ideas come alive for clients, and sometimes ourselves.

Because Overhaul never grows bigger than it needs to be, our clients know that budgets are invested in projects, not used to pay overheads. Our skills are extensive, with a level of diversity that means we can tackle any challenge, almost always in-house. If you’d like to work with a creative studio that’s as down-to-earth as it is cutting-edge, choose Overhaul.

Overhaul works with a diverse list of clients in industry, government, local and international brands.

Unique is
what we do.

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  • Publish
  • Syncrude
  • DDB
  • Alberta
  • The City of Edmonton
  • Hope
  • Orijen
  • CBC
  • Cushman and Wakefield
  • Katz Group

The Team

We’re working hard to build an innovative and creative agency by doing good work for good people and organizations, across North America. Working at Overhaul means free team lunches every Wednesday, and flexible hours. You can even work from home as long as you get work done. You’ll receive health & dental benefits, and will be able to attend conferences that grow your skills. To top it off, Overhaul’s office is easily accessible by public transit, just steps away from Bay/Enterprise station.

Mike Lundy photo Mike Lundy
Douglas Stewart photo Douglas Stewart
Michal Konieczny photo Michal Konieczny
Eric Franck photo Eric Franck
Mathew Janzen photo Mathew Janzen
Jeff Nelson photo Jeff Nelson

Got game?

Dust off that resumé, then shred it and send us an email. Let us know a little about yourself and why you think we’re a good fit.

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Another year, another successful theatre network collateral design run. Thanks to @pedersen_photo for the beauty photos to work with
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Say hello to the newest Overhaul crew member @zlawson_ 🎉🎈💪 helping perfect the school portrait setup.