Epic Investment Services retained Overhaul to help reposition a 262,456 sf building undergoing a renovation in downtown Edmonton. The objective was to lease this building to quality tenants in the tech and innovation sector and to do it without saying tech. We also needed to boost the corporate profile of Epic Investment Services as a secondary outcome.

  • Identity
  • Website


Name, then again, maybe not. Let me start by saying, this project is a great example of why we have an agile approach to our work at Overhaul. We don’t set grandiose, over ambitious plans on day one that we need to stick to. We know something is going to change and we’re ready to pivot or adapt when it does. In this case it was the name. We presented at least 3 very strong names but something came up and the name could not be finalized. We ended up developing a full brand identity, brand strategy and marketing strategy without a specific name. Our solution was to develop a design system around something that would never change regardless of the final name, part of the address – 103. We developed a simple mark for 103 that would stand in as an interim logo, something identifiable but not obviously the name or logo. It had to be able to step back and mesh nicely with the rest of the design, if and when a final name and ultimately, logo was deployed.