Local restaurateur Kevin Cam & partner approached us about branding his new concept in the historic Mercer building, thanks to the success of the North 53 brand project completed in 2014. It was going to be a small plates, no reservations cocktail heavy bar with strong asian roots.

The Strategy

Originally taking inspiration from 1930’s Colonial Hong Kong, rap quotes, (bad) kung fu, fortune cookies, Hip Hop, and quirky dimsum imagery. We wanted to create some contrast between the two dominant cultures and represent that in a unique way.



To help communicate what to expect, we did a series of photos including, food, cocktails and combinations in the space. Showing the smaller-sharing size of the dishes and the range of the drink menu. We wanted to capture the space as it will be experienced which is dark with pops of neon and gritty shell of the historic Mercer warehouse building.


Web Design & Development


Throughout the project we created a lot of different peices. Some never made it passed the concept, and some ended up having a more fruitful lifetime.

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