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Beljan Development


Beljan Development works on projects of various shapes and sizes with a primary focus on infill development and the adaptive re-use of underutilized buildings. To the Beljan team, real estate is about more than bricks and mortar, it’s about building strong, people-focused communities.

Their brand didn’t tell this story, however. It didn’t show that Beljan is more than just a development company; they’re part of a movement towards creating a better Edmonton.

We worked with them to create a cohesive brand image that is true to their identity.  In our initial meetings with the client, we began to see a handful of core values that influence the way they do their work.


In our initial meetings with the client, we began to see a handful of core values that influence the way they do their work.

  1. Passion and hope for Edmonton
  2. Bold approach to tough challenges
  3. Focus on relationships and community growth
  4. Creative, well thought out design
  5. Reliable, authentic, trustworthy

The brand needed to reflect these key values, inspiring those that they interact with. Beljan needs to share their passion with the entities that they interact with. Their investors, lenders, architects and construction teams need to be on the same page as Beljan so that the unique vision for a vibrant community is passed on. With this in mind, we integrated quotes through the entire brand. Each of the quotes ties in direct with one of the 5 core values. Each quote reflects Beljan and inspires action and reflection.


The logo, and brand as a whole, needs to show that the Beljan team aren’t just dreamers, they’re doers. To illustrate this, we built the logo out of strong, confident letterforms. These letterforms are cut out, made into a stencil. Construction sites are covered with stencils. Stencils represent the hard-working attitude and authenticity that are one of Beljan’s core values.

Beljan strives to build architecturally prominent buildings that are creatively designed while still holding true to the fabric of the communities they are a part of. They believe that buildings should interact with the built environment and that streets lined with cafes, shops and galleries create a valuable social experience that contributes greatly to a city’s identity and culture.

The sense of community is reflected in their brand by the bee hive. Bee hives are the ultimate community, with the members helping and working together. The hexagon is one of the strongest shapes, used as a building block in nature. The pattern we designed combines the beehive with cubes, creating a pattern of building blocks. We also integrated a strong grid to the collateral, with lines and diagonals that play off the look of a blueprint and work together well with the pattern.


Profile shots were done on 104 Street.

Website Design & Development

A custom site was designed and developed by Overhaul to suit the operational needs of Beljan. Photos were sourced from the Alberta archives and shot in-house. View the site here.

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