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The kitchen of North 53 is modern, innovative, honest and aims to deliver one of the most unique culinary experiences Edmonton has seen. They work from the principle idea of practical preparation of raw ingredients with simple intervention. Using as many locally sourced ingredients as possible, they create relationships with producers that share the same values. A cocktail menu was to be developed, combining classics with the bartender’s innovative new drinks. Overhaul Media’s task was to create a complete visual identity for the ambitious restaurant. This included a logo or wordmark, main signage, wayfinding signage, website, and various printed collateral.




We began to formulate ways to express the unique nature of North 53 visually. The brand needed to look high-end (as the price range was higher than average), but with an earthy Canadian vibe. This duality of refined ingredients with a hard-working, salt-of-the-earth spirit became the inspiration for North 53’s identity. The next challenge was to apply this core idea to the logo and the collateral. Other items we had to tackle included how to apply signage that fit the vibe of the restaurant, what to do for photography, and most importantly, how to carry the ideas over to menus and the website. The brief called for a menu solution that would allow the restaurant to regularly update and print menus in-house. We carefully selected well-made paper stock, as we planned to pre-print visuals that they could then run through their inkjet printer. Next we began to plan a photoshoot that would help us introduce North 53 to Edmonton.



The North 53 logo is minimal but unique. The custom numbers give it a look that is refined, but not too serious. The 53 is recognizable enough to stand on its own as a representative of the brand. We applied it to print materials using special black paper, and custom deboss and foil finishes to give the collateral a feel that matched the high end food that was served at the restaurant. Challenged with creating signage that was trendy and visible but not overwhelming, we realized that our logo was perfect for application as a neon sign. We paid a visit to a local sign craftsman, and he was able to bend the neon into the shape of the logo. After applying it to a slab of wood, we suspended it with steel bars to the corner of the restaurant, giving the restaurant an understated but visible sign.




North 53 Branding

Case Study-North53-1441


The brand concept was applied to the photography, emphasizing the unexpected duality of North 53. We shot a king crab on a stump in a farmers field. The chef posed with fish in a field of canola. These photographs captured the high-end / Canadian grown food.







The website needed to communicate more than just contact information and address. It needed to explain the ideas behind North 53, show the food, and capture the essence of the North 53 experience. We relied heavily on photography, and gave the client the ability to edit their menu easily as they changed it. Patrons could also easily reserve tables online.




Overhaul designed and produced the signage. Brushed steel mounting arm.

Neon Sign



North 53 has received praise from food critics locally and throughout Canada. In their first year, they have been recognized as one of the 10 best new restaurants in Canada by two national publications.




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