Our relationship with Press’d started in 2009. Two University of Alberta accounting graduates approached us, looking to start a sandwich store in Edmonton. During their time on the U of A basketball team, they had been to Arizona and experienced sandwich shops like Jimmy John’s and Chipotle. Edmonton didn’t have anything of the sort. Sandwich options were more or less limited to Subway and Quiznos. Press’d wanted to offer a better sandwich, with fresher ingredients and bread baked daily, but that would still compete on the local market with those established international chains. It was our job to make sure that their brand matched their aspirations.  The Press’d identity has a light, healthy feel, visually relating to their fresh ingredients. The owners wanted Press’d to look like an established fast-delivery restaurant, not like a boutique eatery. Since their price point is a little higher than their international competitors, they needed to feel a little higher-end. It was going to be a balancing act for Press’d to hit the right notes, and to connect with the right demographic. 5 years later, and 10 locations later, it’s safe to say that they succeeded.

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In 2010 Press’d opened their first location in downtown Edmonton. Business was brisk from the start, and it wasn’t long until they had opened a second location. In 2012 they opened two more locations, and a franchise was born. Now, in 2015, Press’d has 10 locations across Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Overhaul has grown along with them, helping them in many roles along the way. We’ve consulted on marketing and store design. Together, we’ve launched promotional campaigns, designed and re-designed menus, websites and more. Our relationship with Press’d allows us to ensure that across all branded collateral, the Press’d identity and messaging stay strong.

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The logo we designed in 2010 is minimal and distinct. They bold text ensures legibility, and the stylized apostrophe is reminiscent of a leaf (tying into the healthy ingredients. The Sandwich Company balances the logo and ensures that, in the absence of a descriptive icon, everyone knows what Press’d offers.  Overtime as we applied the logo to more and more pieces, we ran into some minor problems. The logo looked great in most applications. However, in long, skinny spaces (such as mall signage) we weren’t able to use the full height due to the exagerated apostrophe. The Sandwich Company was illegible at small sizes and from a distance. When the tagline was removed, the logo looked unbalanced.  We revised the logo with the client, going through a few iterations. They didn’t want to lose brand recognition by designing an entirely different logo, so they prefered the method of updating the current logo. We capitalized the P, allowing the tagline underneath to be bigger. We brought the apostrophe down as well, as the extent to which it stuck out had always been a sore point. The new logo also has a few options to allow for ulitmately legibility and flexibility.

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