Ross' Gold

Rocky Mountain High

Ross’ Gold had existed for some time as a smoking accessories company but a new group of investors was onboard to take the brand to new highs.

The name is that of Ross Rebagliati. For those of you who do not know that name. Ross Rebagliati is a Canadian professional snowboarder, Olympic Gold Medal Winner and founder of Ross’ Gold as an accessories brand. You can read more about Ross’ story here. This was different; this was a multi-location, franchise-model marijuana dispensary with a full line of consumables and hard goods.

We needed to properly reposition as a lifestyle brand but careful not to do a complete 180 and look like something totally new. We did this by defining new brand messaging, ethos and values. Designing a new identity with visual ties back to the original.


What we did

Brand Messaging
Identity Design
Logo Design
Packaging Design
Interior Graphics

Our work spanned various verticals and touchpoints. Print collateral, signage, social media, posters, interior graphics, digital displays, posters and more.


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