Modern Surf & Turf

The strategy was to create a refined, simple but unique and even quirky or mysterious identity. Something that wouldn’t overpower the room or dishes, only compliment it. We knew we needed to represent both the Surf and the Turf without ever using those terms. No visuals of actual wishbones, no mascots.

We settled on the idea of Aerial photographs showing natural and man made patterns, closeup photos of waves, close-up shots of produce or meat so it was almost abstract and an artificial pattern or graphic treatment.


Overhaul was approached after multiple successful projects (Three Boars and Farrow) to brand the newest restaurant Wishbone. A surf and turf concept located Downtown Edmonton. With plans for the interior underway and a name set in stone we needed to being some uniqueness without being too loud.


Showing a simple but bold and bright color pattern alongside nature’s patterns to represent the polarized nature of Wishbone.

Wordmark & Crest

Both a custom wordmark and a pattern driven crest were created for a versatile system.

Interior and Exterior

Exterior is understated but clearly visible from the street.

Sweet, a caption!
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