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Overhaul boasts extensive experience in retail, hospitality, and real estate branding. We partner with clients to help them develop a seamless story before any creative development begins.

We create brands from establishing profound, powerful strategies focused on an audience through design. For us, it’s about crafting each element of a brand as a unique moment, then tying it all together with the brands passion and personality as the defining story.

Edmonton Branding Design Studio

What, How, Why

Naming, Concept Development, Art Direction, Environmental Branding, Brand Strategy, Digital, Branded Content, Environmental Design, Video, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Illustration, Packaging, Signage, Strategy, Design Systems, Brand Messaging and more.

Brand Strategy

Strategic branding services include: go-to-market strategy, production consulting/procurement, brand positioning, brand & product naming, PR, outreach strategy, and more.

Three Boars Edmonton Branding Design

Brand Visual Identity Design

A logo is one component of the visual language, a way to stand out in the crowd. Using more than trends, we carefully craft your look and feel beyond just a logo. A visual language you can own and represents something more than what everyone else is doing.

Farrow Packaging Branding
Farrow Branding

Logo, Logomark, wordmark Design

Generally thought of as only the tip of the iceberg. A good logo is an important part of the brand identity but not the most important.

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Our Process

Overhaul Edmonton Branding Process

Our process has been honed over the years to work in almost any industry, sector or vertical. As no two projects are exactly alike–we might not know what the answer is today, but we certainly know how we’ll figure it out. We take a highly individual approach to each client in order to tailor our service offering to their needs within the broader project framework. Let us tell you all about our process.

Local Edmonton Branding Case Studies

Press'd Edmonton Branding Design
Press’d Branding
Beljan Development Branding Logo
Beljan Development Branding

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