Shopify Support

Shopify Support

Running a successful Shopify store takes a lot of work. Inventory, order fulfillment, customer support, keeping an eye on the analytical metrics, managing teams, and so much more.

Our mission is simple – we want to help you get the most from your Shopify site.

Our ongoing web services usually have two main components. The first is standard, health oriented work that happens on a schedule every month. The second component is an allocation of time for as-needed requests which can fall into many categories and may require one or many team members to complete. This also requires us to manage the pipeline of tasks and requests.

Shopify Support Team


  • We can support the needs immediately – skip the line and in most cases the time it takes us to estimate, submit and have you review for approval. This eliminates the need to estimate small pieces of work. We still need to discuss larger pieces of work with you when they exceed the allocated hours. 
  • We “own” more of the stack. We’re in more control and visibility to advise and understand the full picture. 
  • Develop solutions and empower the in-house team (e.g. using shopify flow to do things).
  • Continuous documentation of workflows.
  • We can talk monthly! Gather pain points, understand new business initiatives and plan for them rather than being reactive. Keep pushing on initiatives with reminders and accountability. 
  • You need guidance more than you need us to say yes to requests now and again (typically shooting from the hip). We help develop a longer term view of the site together. 
  • We can expose the team to new features and functionality that become possible over time (e.g. focal point on images). 

Scope of Services

  • Monthly strategy meeting and digest email sent afterwards.
  • Analytics review and recommendations.
  • * App updates (official Shopfy apps) vary dependent on each app developer.
  • Unused app removal.
  • Performance monitoring and recommendations.
  • Create Theme Backups.
  • Check indexing, core vitals, other issues via Google Search Console.
  • * Google Search Console issue fixes.
  • * Improve Structured Data.
  • Broken Link check / 301 redirect creation and health checks. 
  • * Provide general Shopify training as needed.
  • * Image Optimization.
  • * Various content updates to the site. 
  • DNS Review (mail settings present and correct).
  • Periodically check for console errors.
  • Review your product and store configuration settings for anything that needs to be updated.
  • Products review and recommendations. We sample products and look for ways to optimize the experience for customers. 
  • * Theme Changes.
  • * Notification review and recommendations.

*depends on the severity and time commitment required.

To find out how we can help with your Shopify Support requirements, get in touch.